About the Studio

Suzanne Strehle is not a florist nor does she arrange flowers. She is a designer. It’s an important distinction. In the same way a painter works in oils or acrylics, Suzanne works in flowers, plants and other natural materials. They are site and event-specific pieces of art a – each unique and each beautiful. Her years of experience have allowed her to develop a strong sense of style that is endlessly adaptable, appropriate and always distinctly Suzanne.

You’ll never find a Suzanne’s design sealed away in a crowded cooler on the off chance a harried husband will stop by the store and pick up a last minute gift. Suzanne doesn’t have a cooler. In fact, she doesn’t even have a store. What Suzanne has is a studio where each item, from the simplest bouquet to the most elaborate centerpiece, is designed to order. Suzanne’s service also includes consultation, delivery and will collaborate with event planners. With all that going on, a cooler would just get in the way.

Clients Include:
Augusta Country Club
Velocity Sports and Entertainment
Easter Seals