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Mother’s Day

I can’t imagine life without flowers. Since I can remember I’ve been passionate about the beautiful side of nature, and I forget that not everyone gets to work so closely with it every day as I do. We’re bombarded daily with visual marketing of every kind, and I can’t help but wonder if our appreciation of wonderful scents, interesting textures, and pure, natural colors is fading in our everyday lives.

I am in the business of emotions. As I prepare for this Mother’s Day, my thoughts are on how to make each and every bouquet special for each unique mom out there, reminding her of the beauty of nature. How do I do this? I think it’s part knowledge and part appreciation. This isn’t just my job. It’s my passion.  I’ve been a floral designer for over 30 years, and every year I still give my mother a simple arrangement of white lilies. It reflects the way I feel about her. A pure, elegant adoration.

So as loving daughters and sons call me in the coming days to place orders, I’ll be asking for details other than budget and delivery address. I want to know what color, style, or particular flower reminds you of your mom.  Now I’m off to spread the botanical love this weekend! We are busy bees here at the studio, and when the last pretty piece is delivered, I’ll be looking forward to my own Mothers Day.

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