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At Suzanne’s we don’t just crank out one-size-fits-all flowers. In order to deliver something that you’re truly going to love, we need to know a little about you. The questions below give us the insight we need to create something perfect.

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  1. 1. Are you more ...

     ...Gone With the Wind? ...Sex and the City?

  2. 2. Do you prefer your hair...

     ...precisely styled? ...loose and down?

  3. 3. When you travel do you...

     ...stay in the nicest hotel possible? ...try to be adventurous in your lodging choices?

  4. 4. Do you light your Christmas tree with...

     ...single colored lights? ...multi-colored lights?

  5. 5. Which is more important...

     ...the wedding? ...the reception?

  6. 6. Do you respond more to...

     ...texture? ...aroma?

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